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Once you've placed an order for flowers or a gift basket in Brampton, you will receive a confirmation email from us. This email serves as acknowledgment that we've received your order and includes a copy of the details you provided. If you happen to notice any errors or mistakes in your order, please inform us promptly to rectify the issue.

Providing us with your complete contact information, including a valid phone number, is essential. We may need to reach out to you for various reasons, such as verifying the recipient's address, making modifications to your order, or confirming payment details. Rest assured that we will only contact you by phone in connection with the specific order you've recently placed.

After your order has been successfully delivered, we will send you a confirmation email to notify you of the completion of the delivery. You can expect to receive this email within 24 hours after the delivery has taken place. To ensure that you receive our emails without any issues, please double-check that you've provided us with an accurate email address and add to your address book to prevent our emails from landing in your spam folder.

If you need to make changes to or cancel your order for flowers or a gift basket in Brampton, you can do so by logging into your account or by visiting our customer service page. Please note that all changes must be requested at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery time. After this window, we cannot guarantee that there will be sufficient time to process your requested changes.

We accept all major credit and debit cards (with the exception of American Express) as well as PayPal. Please be aware that, for certain cards, you may need to request online transaction capabilities from your bank. Should you encounter any difficulties when attempting to place an order, please reach out to our customer service team for assistance in ensuring the successful acceptance of your order.

We charge your credit card immediately upon placing the order. Our secure payment platform allows us to process your payment promptly and with the utmost security.

At Flowers for Brampton, we prioritize your online security. We use PayPal for online payments, and as one of the world's largest payment processors, they maintain top-notch security standards to safeguard your financial information.

We understand the importance of your privacy and keep your contact information entirely confidential. Your personal information will not be shared with third parties for marketing purposes or sold to advertising agencies. In the event of legal requirements, fraud investigations, or law enforcement requests, your personal information may be disclosed to relevant authorities upon request.

Whether same-day deliveries are possible depends on the specific location and country, taking into account world time differences. Our order system will guide you on the feasibility of your selected delivery date and time when you make your order.

We employ mail services such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, and USPS for most of our deliveries. In locations where courier services are less reliable, such as Eastern Europe, Russia & CIS, and certain South-East Asian countries, we often opt for delivery through local accredited couriers.

Yes, you can specify whether you'd like an AM or PM delivery. For AM deliveries, please place your order at least one day in advance. Please note that while we strive to meet your preferences, we cannot guarantee exact-hour deliveries. When you make your order, you will receive information regarding the AM and PM delivery timeframes. In the case of same-day orders, AM deliveries may not always be feasible due to high demand, in which case the delivery will be scheduled for the PM.

The possibility of sending flowers on Sundays and public holidays varies by location. When you place your order, we will provide you with the available opening times. If the flower shop is closed on the selected date, you will receive a message advising you to choose an alternative time or day for delivery.

Login to my account to track the status of your order or visit our customer service page.

The short answer is that we use local suppliers, your basket is sent locally within the country of destination. So in most locations we can deliver in just 3 days (there are exceptions).

This again is because we use local suppliers to send the baskets. Reducing the transit times and therefore the risk of anything to the broken or spoiled. If you place an order in advance we wait to send it until we are closer to the delivery date.

All this is avoided because of our local suppliers. The price is what you see on the website.

In most locations 1 to 3 business days, but there are exceptions. During holiday times, it may take a little longer and more remote areas may take longer to get too.

There are many countries with heavy restrictions on alcohol delivery. You can check with us, but in general if you do not find alcohol in the selection for a country. We probably cannot do it due to restrictions.

Unfortunately yes. The delivery fee will depend on how difficult it is to make your delivery happen based on location and the items you request. Typically this fee is between $20 and $39 USD. You will be notified of the extra cost once we confirm the delivery is even possible.

You can ask, but it cannot be guaranteed. Our couriers make their own schedule based on the number of gifts they have to deliver on a given day, and it’s not something we have direct control over. In most areas deliveries are done between 8 Am and 8 pm.

We charge your card the very moment you place your order on our website, even if you request a delivery date that is 4 months out. If your circumstances change, such as the recipient moving, reach out to our customer service team as soon as possible and we will do our best to help you.

To make a successful delivery we highly recommend to have a local phone number. Worst case and e-mail would help. If there is no way for us to contact the recipient, we can try to deliver but no guarantees can be made. In that instance will ask you to confirm in writing that you accept the risks of a no phone delivery and understand that we will not be able to offer any refunds if for some reason the delivery can not happen.

There’s a few different things that my happen, if it is safe, and the goods are not perishable, the courier may decide to leave the gift at the door or with a neighbor. For office or apartment buildings with a mail room they may choose to leave the gift with reception. When this is not possible, or the gift needs special storage, we will try delivery again. After the 3rd attempt however the gift will be returned to us and you may have to pay for re delivery.

This depends on your order status. If it's not processed yet, in most cases yes. If it's already processed for delivery then we would be able to send the added item for you separately.

As long as they do not have a policy against accepting gifts, we do deliver there. Please make sure to have both the recipient and the business we are delivering too. This will allow us to call ahead and make sure they have no restrictions. Fresh fruit and flowers are often banned for hospitals and nursing homes because of the potential allergens a recipient can get.

Absolutely! When you go to check out there is a field for you to put your personalized gift message. There is a character limit to be mindful of. If you need to send a longer message please contact customer service, we would be happy to email it to your recipient.

We can only do this for bulk orders of 5 or more gifts. Please make sure the image that you send adheres to all of our image standards listed here.

We can absolutely handle that! The first steps of ordering is to contact us via email or phone. From there you will be contacted by our corporate specialist team who will help you on the next steps to take and help you during every step of the process.

Money Back Guarantee

We can issue full refunds for unused Gift to the original purchaser for the voucher value


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